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TYT auto-compounds rewards to boost yields

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$1,301,279 yield processed in 2023

Max yields, supercharged

TYT – Max yields, supercharged

Up to 668% APY

TYT Farms give your yield an extra boost via TYT token rewards

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Power in the hands of the community

DILL provides users with the power of governance and 100% share of TYT revenues


Distributed in 2023


DILL holders

61.6%( 1,921,791 )

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3.34 years

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Security first

TYT is built on battle-hardened and audited foundations. Safety of user funds is always prioritized over speed.

TYT – TYT token

TYT token

Powering governance and rewards


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TYT – TYT token

TYT performance

$1,301,279 revenues for Feb '23


TYT treasury

4,961,018( 25.11% )

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TYT helps users to maximize their yields by auto-compounding their rewards, saving them time and gas.